New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

In part 2 of our series (Part 1: New Jersey engagement locations), we explore New York engagement photo locations. New York has so many locations to explore for your engagement photos so let’s begin!

The most common city that we visit for engagement photos is New York City. With very popular parks, restaurants and neighborhoods, the possibilities are endless.

Central Park

Being one of the the two most popular places for us to shoot (Dumbo being the other), we have seen Central Park at all times of the year. Our absolute favorite time had to be during cherry blossom season.

Aside from the beautiful flowers and green areas of the park, there are other spots that include great architecture including the old bridges, Conservatory Garden and Bethesda Fountain. Because Central Park is so popular, it is not advised to have your session here on a weekend in the spring/summer. It can get so packed!


More Central Park photos can be seen here:

Central Park engagement pictures

Central Park engagement pictures captured in the spring

Central Park engagement session captured in the early morning

Central Park engagement photos in the fall

Top of the Rock

An NYC landmark, Top of the Rock has amazing views of the city. Just like most of the other NYC locations, it’s best to photograph there in the am before the afternoon rush of tourists. It is definitely worth the trip to get the skyline in your photos!

More Top of the Rock photos can be seen here:

Top of the Rock engagement photos

Grand central station

One of the perks of the pandemic was that we were able to photograph in Grand Central Station for the very first time. The building was completely empty and we were able to have a field day. For future sessions, we highly recommend photographing here VERY early in the am.

The High Line

Add the High Line as another super popular location for engagement photos. An elevated park in NYC, it stretches 1 1/2 miles above Manhattan’s West Side. It is very diverse in areas to photograph- between art work, train tracks, greenery and views of the City, we shoot with a different look each and every time. Because of its popularity, we prefer to photograph in the early am so be prepared to wake up super early!

More High Line photos can be seen here:

High Line engagement photos

Fort Tryon Park

A hidden treasure in northern Manhattan, Fort Tryon has the perfect blend of greenery and architecture. Our favorite spots to photograph are at the waterfront, under the arches and along the paths full of trees.

More Fort Tryon photos can be seen here:

Fort Tryon engagement

New York City Neighborhoods

Often times, whenever we shoot an engagement session in NYC, it is not just at a park or landmark. We love walking the local neighborhoods with our clients in order to get a feel of the city. We have shot in Chelsea, SOHO, and the Meatpacking District- all which have their own unique personalities.

View more New York City engagement photos here:

Chelsea & West Village

SoHo and WestVillage

The Vessel, NY Public Library, Financial District

Now let’s move onto the 2nd most popular borough in NY- Brooklyn. No matter what look you are going for in your engagement photos, you will find the perfect spot in Brooklyn.

DUMBO/Brooklyn Bridge Park

Ah, Dumbo. We have shot at Dumbo more times than we can count! But each and every time, there is something new to see and do. With the NYC skyline, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge as your backdrop, we love to shoot there during the day and evening so you can get two different looks for your photos. During our time together, we love to explore the surrounding area with our couples which includes the park, Jane’s Carousel and the cobblestone streets.

Dumbo engagement photos can be seen here:

Dumbo engagement pictures

Dumbo engagement photos

Brooklyn Bridge Park engagement photos

Brooklyn Bridge Park engagement pictures

Prospect Park

A Brooklyn staple, with so many things to do- Prospect Park is a beautiful option for your engagement photos. Perfect for any season, exploring the trails and architecture provides you with a variety of beautiful images.

See more Prospect Park photos here:

Prospect Park engagement pictures

Coney Island

We have only shot in Coney Island once and boy, would we love to go back! Ideally, not on a weekend though (have we mentioned how packed all of these places can get??) Coney Island adds so much fun to your photos as you play carnival games together or munch on some Nathan’s hot dogs!

Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Brooklyn is known for its beautiful neighborhoods full of artwork, brownstones, and waterfront views of NYC. We have enjoyed exploring local streets that scream “Brooklyn” with our clients.

Domino Park

The newest location that we have photographed in Brooklyn is Domino Park! It has so many unique spots along the waterfront and it certainly helps that there is a taco spot on site!

See more Domino Park photos here:

Domino Park engagement photos

The next borough on our tour is Queens! We rarely photograph here and it tends to be in the same location- Gantry State Park. It reminds us of Domino Park in that it has great architecture and waterfront views.

Gantry state park

See more Gantry State Park photos:

Gantry State Park engagement photos

Gantry State Park engagement

Moving on along to the forgotten borough and Jenn’s hometown- Staten Island! We haven’t shot here much because as all Staten Islanders know- there isn’t much to do! But we do enjoy the locations we have shot at!

governors island

Just a short boat ride away from NYC is Governors Island. Our first time photographing there we were so overwhelmed by all of the great locations. It is definitely a photographer’s playground and we can’t wait to go back!

More Governors Island engagement photos


When we stayed at the TWA Hotel before a trip a few years ago, we knew we just had to do a shoot here so we put matters into our own hands and scheduled one with some friends. Photographing at the property does require a short stay reservation but it is SO worth it.

More TWA Hotel engagement photos

Snug Harbor

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is photo session central. It has a great mix of historical buildings, gardens, and fountains that people love!

View more Snug Harbor photos here: Snug Harbor engagement photos

For our last New York engagement photo location (although trust us, there are so many more than what we have shown here- we just haven’t been yet!), let’s go further up north to Sleepy Hollow, NY.


We LOVE Bear Mountain. Just a short ride from us in NJ and those in NJ, it is so worth it for these views- especially during the fall season.

More Bear Mountain photos:

Bear Mountain engagement photos

Bear Mountain engagement

Bear Mountain engagement pictures


Ok while we LOVE Bear Mountain, we LOVE LOVE Lake Minnewaska. It is the perfect spot for the outdoor, adventurous type because between the waterfalls, hike and mountain top views you will fall in love. Only con is that it is about 2.5 hours away but totally worth it!

More Lake Minnewaska engagement photos here:

Lake Minnewaska engagement

Lake Minnewaska engagement photos

Lake Minnewaska engagement pictures

Rockefeller State Park

We love this park. It’s so tranquil with so many beautiful trees, pathways and special elements such as the foundation of the old Rockefeller property and views of the Hudson River.

See more Rockefeller State Park photos:

RockefellerState Park engagement photos


Planting Fields Arboretum in Long Island is STUNNING! It is a large property full of beautiful flowers, architecture and textures. We would love to come back here time and time again.

More Planting Fields photos

Other Suggestions

There are so many other cool places that we would like to photograph an engagement session at that include the following:

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Roosevelt Island

Bronx Zoo

Old Westbury Gardens