New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

In recent years, the popularity of photo booths has exploded. Last year, we purchased our open air photo booth from Photo Booth Supply Co. and launched our photo booth company The Big Picture Booth. We also offer the booth directly to our J&R Photography wedding clients and have found it to be a great addition to the wedding reception.

One of the first questions we get asked is “What does your booth look like?” People are used to the traditional closed photo booth and sometimes can’t wrap their heads around what an open air photo booth looks like and if it will fit in their venue space.

The booth itself is a sleek, modern set up that utilizes an easy to use tablet interface for guests to navigate the process of taking their photos (we always have someone on hand to help just in case!)

Accompanying the booth is our backdrop set up. You will have the ability to choose the color of your backdrop or opt for a personalized backdrop that includes any graphics you would like.  To learn more about our booth visit The Big Picture Booth.

5 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding


You can pretty much expect that at any wedding you attend, there will be a photo booth. Critics say the trend is getting old and will eventually die out but we believe otherwise! If you are having doubts on having a photo booth at your wedding, here are 5 reasons why it will make a great addition to your big day!

1. The Entertainment Factor- There is dinner, there is dancing and of course there is the open bar. Adding a photo booth to your wedding adds an extra level of entertainment for your guests who either don’t dance or are spending too much time at the bar. It’s a great additional activity for your guests to socialize and have fun!

2. Wedding Favors- One of the most frustrating parts of planning a wedding is trying to figure out what to give out as favors. We have all received useless trinkets that we toss aside without a second thought. When you have a photo booth at your wedding, your guests go home with a print that is memorable and personal to them. It is a constant reminder of the fun they had at your wedding. Don’t be surprised if you see their print hanging on their fridge or framed in their bedroom the next time you visit their home!

3. Capturing Fun Memories- Your wedding photographer can’t and won’t capture it all. Take the pressure off of your guests to pose perfectly for the professional and let them go crazy in a photo booth. You can’t imagine the types of silly and creative photos that are created when your guests let loose and have fun. 

4. Memorable Guestbook- Just like favors, it is a struggle to decide on what to do for your guestbook. A photo booth album is a great alternative to the traditional written guestbook. 

5. Instant Sharing- Have a #weddinghashtag? Most newer booths like The Big Picture Booth come with instant social media sharing. Your guests can share their images on the spot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while talking about how much fun they are having at your #wedding!