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As much as we love sharing beautiful wedding photos that we’ve captured, we thought it was time to write a blog post to share a little more about us! We are more than just New Jersey wedding photographers, we are a husband and wife team made up of two completely different people. Lucky for us, opposites attract!

New Jersey Wedding Photographer, J&R Photography

10 Facts About Jenn

1. She will always claim she is from Brooklyn although most of her life was spent in Staten Island.

2. She’s a Disney addict. Her fondest memories involve all things Disney -from the movies, visiting the parks and getting engaged at Cinderella’s Castle.

3. Her spirit Disney princess is Belle. Both bookworms with a thirst for adventure.

4. Jenn has 4 younger siblings. 3 of them are triplets which made for a very interesting childhood.

5. Food obsessions include French fries and donuts.

6. Before beginning photography full time, Jenn worked for a child welfare agency as a foster care social worker. She continues to have the utmost respect for social workers on the forefront of child welfare. It’s not easy!

7. Her hall passes include Ryan Gosling and Kit Harrington.

8. Current favorite tv shows are Game of Thrones, This Is Us, Walking Dead and The Crown.

9. If she won the lotto, Jenn would save most of it but take a nice year long journey around the world.

10. Biggest pet peeve- holding the door for someone and they don’t say “Thank you”


New Jersey wedding photographer, J&R Photography

10 Facts About Ro

1. Ro is a Queens boy through and through.

2. Before photography, his passion was cars and drag racing. His 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse was the 3rd member of this relationship for a very long time.

3. His childhood dream was to grow up and be a pilot.

4. Ro is the youngest of two. People often confuse him and his older brother.

5. Food obsessions include pizza and lots of seltzer.

6. Ro has been a print operator for over 12 years. He won’t admit it but he’s a print and paper nerd. Any tiny issue with print quality and he will spot it!

7. His one and only hall pass is Rihanna.

8. Current favorite tv shows are Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Negan is probably his favorite villain.

9. Ro is a die hard Knicks fan….sadly.

10. Biggest pet peeve- flat soda.




New Jersey wedding photographers, J&R Photography

10 Facts about US

1. We met online circa AOL chat room days. It all started with “A/S/L?”

2. Sadly, we used to match clothes. Same colors with the coordinating Air Jordans.

3. Jenn’s the super organized tidy one….Ro not so much.

4. We are obsessed with our Goldendoodle puppy Jaxon.

5. Ro can be loud and outgoing while Jenn is the more serious and reserved one.

6. Our first major trip together was to Disney World…where Ro proposed.

7. Jenn has fully convinced Ro that Christmas is the best time of the year. He went from being a grinch to insisting we play Christmas music while decorating.

8. We got married at 22 and 23 years of age. It’s been an amazing journey of growth, love and good times.

9. Our date nights consist of movies on the couch and food. Lots of it.

10. We love to travel and want to do as much of it as possible before children come along. We recently fell in love with traveling without planning beforehand and just seeing where the wind takes us.

*Photos by Nikki & Chip