New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

The number one question we get from client is “Should we hire a videographer?” Although we had one for our own wedding, we used to agree with others when they expressed their feelings against having video on their big day. Why spend the extra cost for something you will never watch?  Today we are singing a totally different tune and want to encourage couples to get a videographer. In a digital world where photos and videos are being shared constantly in multiple channels, it has become so much easier to access the memories you capture on a daily basis. This was not the case years ago when videos were captured on obsolete tapes that no one has the time to take out and watch (never mind not having access to a VCR anymore!)

As we’ve gotten older and have lost, we have learned to not take for granted the memories we create with the people we love. I have lost a number of family members and in recent years have felt the grief of not remembering their voice, their laugh, their mannerisms. I was struggling to come up with ways to get those memories back into my life and photos were not filling that void. I finally remembered my parents were super big on taking out that super big VHS tape recorder for every special occasion when my siblings and I were growing up. They had a box of tapes in their house that we have not been able to watch for years and I decided to do something with them. I found an online company, where I could mail in our home movies and get them digitized for downloading and sharing online. Since receiving our video files, I have been able to hear my Grandmother’s laugh and see my Grandfather’s smile. And the best part is, I can watch it whenever I want!

Although it seems like its not worth the extra cost, your wedding is absolutely one you want to have covered. There is no other day where you will have everyone you love in the same room for such a momentous occasion. Although you may not watch your video on a regular basis, isn’t it comforting to know that you can go back whenever you want to hear your best friend give their toast or see your grandparents slow dancing in the reception? As it is with everything wedding related, cost will remain a factor and it is up to you to determine if you can fit it into your budget- but if you can, trust us, you will not regret it!


Here is the amazing video from our 10 year vow renewal put together by our favorite husband and wife team at Yamean Studios Films.


*Click on full screen mode and 1080p quality