New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

Kathryn and Andrew hold a special place in our hearts. Let’s just say the journey to their wedding at Clark’s Landing was a long and difficult one. They booked us in 2018 for their 2020 wedding thinking 2 years was a great amount of time to plan a wedding. What none of us would realize is that it would become 4 years as their wedding was one of the first affected by Covid. We still remember that phone call with Andrew when it was time to postpone and it was the first peek into what we continued to deal with for months with a ton of other clients. Within the two years of postponements, however,  Kathryn and Andrew did not put their lives on hold. We photographed their backyard mini wedding, they purchased a home and then had a beautiful baby boy named Wyatt.

When October 2022 came around, we were all so pumped for this big day but unfortunately, it was bittersweet as Kathryn and their family experienced a heartbreaking loss just a couple of weeks beforehand. Marching forward, their family took this opportunity to celebrate their love and the beauty in life. It was an emotional and beautiful day and we are so happy we were there with them every step of the way.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Clark’s Landing

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Hair Stylist: Sweet Hair Peace

Makeup Artist: Make Me Up Eva