New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

We remember the first time we were asked what our photography style was. We had no idea how to answer that question. When you are first starting out as a photographer (at least for us), you shoot what is in front of you without a second thought to what your personal style is. It takes time to grow into your craft and become your own person. In the last 5 years, we have grown into where we are now with our shooting style that makes us feel comfortable and attracts the clients we love to work with.

Today, we photograph in a style that is a mixture of documentary, creative and dramatic.  9 times out of 10 when a new client reaches out to us, they comment on how much they love how we capture moments. Authentic moments, not ones recreated by us to make a pretty picture. We know exactly how important it is to capture the wedding day as it happens. From the mother of the bride’s tears seeing her daughter in her wedding gown to the insane dancing on the reception dance floor, we are there to capture it all.

Your wedding images will be the one thing that will last for decades to come, being passed down through generations. Our goal is to make sure your family has images of grandma laughing and dancing on the floor, capturing who she was as a person or images of your husband as he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time. So that when they are looking at those images they can feel the love and happiness that was surrounding your family on this day. We are SO blessed to be able to be the ones that provide that for for you and look forward to capturing many more moments!

A post is nothing without images so here are some of our favorite moments from the past few years: