New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

When we met Sara and Brendan last year, they told us the incredible story of how they met on a NYC subway train on their way home from a music festival. Incorporating the train in their session was a must…we just didn’t realize that we’d still be in the middle of this pandemic and it had been years since either of us had stepped foot underground. It was definitely surreal for us, especially since we used to take the 1 train every day to work way back in the day. It was a different world as everyone was masked (Sara and Brendan took their masks off briefly in between shots!) but it seemed semi-normal with the amount of people commuting.

After capturing the location of the start of their love story, we headed into Central Park for some fun…and fresh air. Sara actually said it was her first time in the park so it was an even more special experience. After spending this day with them, we can’t wait for their wedding next year!