New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

Congratulations on getting your wedding planning underway! This is such an exciting time for you! We are sure your mind is racing with all the planning that needs to happen. It’s all so exciting, but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. By the time you get the hang of it, the planning is over! To make it as memorable as possible, we are here to help!

Our Goal as Your Wedding Photographers

Our goal as wedding photographers is to make this part of the planning process simple for you.  

Photography is so much more than just images. It’s a real part of your day.  

You deserve beautiful images AND an amazing photographic experience.  

Our blog aims to help you plan your wedding day in a way that will allow us to provide you with the BEST experience possible. So, you can be relaxed and excited on your big day.  

Our blog is packed with tips we’ve learned while shooting weddings (and planning our own wedding!). 

From timeline examples to engagement session tips, our goal is to keep this process from feeling overwhelming. So, we’ve dedicated our blog to making your wedding journey easier!

We hope the information you find here is helpful! We love everything wedding and are here to answer any questions you may have as you continue this journey. Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.


Our Story (Hint Hint: Our Story Is Why We Are So Invested in Yours!)

We work together as a husband and wife team on the wedding day! It’s so fun for us to be a part of this journey with you and watch you become a married couple too!

This is our full-time job, and we absolutely love doing this together!  

We want to make sure we share a little more about us, as we will be spending quite a bit of time together if you choose us to photograph your wedding.


All About Us

An AOL chatroom brought us together in 2003 when we were seniors in high school. 

Our first date included seeing Finding Nemo and dinner at McDonald’s- so classy! We want to hear your first date stories too! And if you book us, this is something we would love for you to share. We love your love story.

After a few years of long-distance dating, we got married in 2008. We’ve been together through thick and thin and love seeing other couples make this same promise to each other!

Shortly after our wedding, we fell in love with photography. A dear friend gave us an opportunity to shoot a wedding, and we were hooked! 

10 years later, here we are!

Who is Jenn?

With a passion for business, Jenn oversees everything behind the scenes. 

Jokingly referred to as the agent to Ro’s talent, Jenn handles all communication, marketing, and business duties. She’ll keep you on track for all things wedding related! This will produce great photos throughout the process!

On the day of the wedding, count on Jenn to make sure it is moving along smoothly. 

With a keen eye of anticipating little moments, she is quick to make sure they are captured. 

Because she is knowledgeable with all things wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out to her with any questions as you plan your day! 


Who is Ro?

The creative visionary! 

Ro handles all things photo. He preps gear and is the primary photographer on your wedding day. 

He also works tirelessly on editing your photos to ensure they are flawless! 

On the day of, he is the one that photographs groom prep and is your go-to for any recommendations on location for photos. 

Those beautiful and colorful night photos? All his work! 

wedding at Perona Farms reception, J&R Photography, The Reserve

Why Work with Us?

As one of the first vendors you book, we may be a part of your wedding journey for over a year until your big day. During that time, we want to make sure we are a resource for you

If you book us, here is what you can expect from us as you plan for your big day:


We’ve helped hundreds of other couples plan their day and have the shots of their dreams once it’s over. We want to do the same for you.

Not only have we done this for other couples, but we’ve also done the wedding thing, not once, but TWICE! 

Luckily, we went into our 10-year vow renewal already having over 5 years of wedding photography experience, so we knew exactly what to do! 

This is most likely your first wedding, so you don’t know where to begin! That’s okay! 

We’d love to be there for you for everything wedding-related, not just photography. So, if you have any questions about the planning process, shoot us a quick email! 

Engagement Session 

The next time we will see you after our initial meeting is your engagement session! 

Expect a few planning emails from us as we get closer to the date to make sure the session is seamless.

Timeline Meeting 

At your timeline meeting, the wedding day will be about a month away! 

You will get an email from us to schedule your timeline meeting. This will happen on a video call. 

Completing your wedding day questionnaire and family photo list will help make this meeting successful!


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Soak in every second of this day as we do our thing! We will capture all the special moments and memories for you!

After Your Wedding

The day after your wedding day, we will post a teaser on social media. You can expect your full gallery within 6-8 weeks after your wedding!

After the image delivery, we will walk you through the album design process. We will also assist you in ordering prints and wall art. Your incredible memories should not just live on your phone. They deserve to be in print so you can enjoy those special moments over and over again!

For more wedding tips and tricks, follow along on Instagram @jnrphotony. We can’t wait to see you on your big day!