Wedding & Portrait Photography

This month we were finally able to make the trek to Las Vegas for WPPI. While that was simply amazing and we have tons to say about that, this blog post is about our journey to WPPI. Since we are rarely in the west coast and the cost of traveling is insane these days, we took advantage of the fact that we were out there and made a small trip throughout Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

Our initial plans included 2 nights at the Grand Canyon, a day trip to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend and then back for WPPI. Somewhere along the way we heard about Zion National Park so we threw that in last minute. It was so worth it! Together with our little rented Yaris we drove 16 hours and over 1,200 miles during our journey. It was really one of the best trips we have had. Can’t wait to head back to WPPI next year—with another road trip thrown in! Now onto some photos!

Major shout out to our rented Yaris. This car was a trooper! Over 1,200 miles on straight road, this little thing chugged along and got us safely to our destinations. With that said…we are getting a bigger car next time 🙂

Ro took us out at 10pm at night in the PITCH BLACK to get this shot. I won’t get into how terrifying this was when you are the only two people wandering the park with nothing but the flashlight on your phone.