Wedding & Portrait Photography

It’s been three months since our trip to Colombia and we finally got around to looking at the photos taken on our cameras. I remember when we first got our cameras and went traveling. We would take HUNDREDS of photos. Majority of our photos are now taken on our iphones and immediately shared on Instagram or Facebook. It is very rare now to take more than about 100 photos a trip on our cameras but we’re okay with that.¬†Now we live in the moment while traveling, taking it all in without a camera glued to our face. There is no better way to explore new cities and countries.

We were invited to Bogota, Colombia by one of my best friends, Yesenia so we could attend her grandmother’s 80th. We stopped in Cartagena first for a couple of nights. It reminded us so much of San Juan, PR with the colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. There was¬†beautiful, balmy weather and the perfect start to our trip.

In Bogota, we stayed with Yesenia’s family. Bogota has a completely different vibe and the people were amazing. We spent a lot of time with family, climbed Monserrate and visited the Catedral de Sal. And the FOOD. O m g the FOOD. After 7 days straight of bandeja paisas, bread and cafe con leche we could not eat Hispanic food for weeks. Trust us, that’s near impossible.