New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

Couples always want to know when they will be able to feast their eyes on the wonderful shots we got at their wedding. 

While we totally understand this- it was the most fabulous day of your life, after all! – remember that great work takes time. We want to make sure every detail of all your photos is perfect for you.

So there is no guessing game involved, in this post we will layout the exact timeline of when you can expect to see teasers, edited versions of your photos, and even when your wedding album will be delivered!

We’ll also give you a rundown of the products and goodies you can order through us after your wedding to keep those memories alive for years to come!

Timeline: When to Expect Your Photos

One to Two weeks before your wedding: 

When your wedding day details questionnaire is complete, we will video chat a little bit about the day to discuss any last-minute specifications and draft the wedding day timeline (you can see our post about that here- link!).

The day of your wedding

We coordinate with your family and friends about scheduled start times for formal portraits and what to expect. No stress for you!

A week after your wedding: 

We collect all your wedding images, which will then be edited, retouched, archived, and prepared for your online gallery or proofs.

Eight-Ten weeks after your wedding: 

We deliver your online wedding gallery album. Happy dance!

Ten weeks after your wedding: 

Your initial wedding album design is delivered.

Thirteen weeks after your wedding: 

Your first review of the album design is complete. If there are no changes, your album will be ordered.

Fifteen weeks after your wedding: 

The second and final round of changes (if any) to your album is completed.

Seventeen weeks after your wedding: 

Your wedding album arrives! Happy dance number two!

Photo Products from J&R Photography

We live in the digital age where every single image and video in our lives is stored on our phones. Let’s face it – it is so much easier to share our memories online via email and social media. 

BUT, as much as we love the accessibility of sharing photos so quickly, nothing beats physically displaying the most important memories of your life!

While we have always been huge fans of albums and prints, we truly realized their importance one afternoon while at Jenn’s parents’ house. We spent an hour going through their wedding album, reliving a day that we weren’t even around for. Page after page, it was the preserved history of the start of a family. 

The experience of seeing the wedding told as a story in a book far exceeds the experience of swiping through photos on a phone or tablet. Don’t you want that for your children and grandchildren too?

Because your wedding album is to remain in your family for decades to come, our goal is to make sure they are strong and classic. 

Our designs are kept simple and clean, so the focus remains on the moments.

Creating Your Legacy Wedding Album

There is something special about creating your first family heirloom as a couple.  

Having digital images is wonderful, but having a printed keepsake that tells your wedding day’s visual story is priceless!

If you didn’t invest in a Legacy Wedding Album of your own right after your wedding day, you can always come back to us at any time and order one.  

We aren’t a photography business that pushes product sales at all.  However, these albums are important not just for our couples to have… but for their children and grandchildren to enjoy as well. Remember that story about Jenn’s parents?!

Your wedding album is a culmination of all the wonderful memories of the day presented in a beautiful book that tells the story for a lifetime. 

Because the wedding album process can be a little challenging for busy couples, we provide full album services from image selection to design to cover selection and more. 

Choosing from our main album line of gorgeous flush mount books constructed from only the best quality materials and workmanship, we fashioned a professionally designed keepsake complete with protective box. All the work done for you!

Design Services for Your Wedding Album

Never worry about design; we include full design services for each album purchased. We will pre-design and send it your way for review. You can submit 2 rounds of revisions for any image or design changes.

Your Wedding Album Options

Our albums come with 40 pages and are available as 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 sizes. Parent albums are also available as 8×8 sizes with 20 pages. Covers are available in leather, linen, suede, velvet, or acrylic.

Cover Options for Your Wedding Album

Our albums come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wedding’s theme.

Say Thank You to a Parent with a Wedding Album

Okay, so this isn’t design advice about your wedding album, but hear us out! You won’t have any trouble picking out your parent’s holiday gifts the year you get married! We’ll make it easy on you. 

Your parents may have done so much to make your wedding a dream come true, so why not decide to surprise them with their very own albums?!  

Each parent album can be a clone of the bride and groom’s book or a custom-designed album to their liking. 

All cover and design options we offer for bride and groom books are also available for parent albums.

Win-win! Holiday gifting done, and your parents will be ecstatic.

Your Online Gallery of Your Wedding Photos

While we are huge proponents of physical displays of your stunning selves, we understand the need to have digital access to your photos!

Years ago, you had to order prints of the images that you wanted to have forever.  That isn’t how we work around here! PHEW!

We want you to have ALL your memories in your possession forever and ever!  We also want you to share your images freely and without any hesitation.  

This is why we deliver your images via an online gallery!  

This means that you don’t have to wait on a package in the mail, and you’ll have access to them wherever you are!  

We’ve listed some important information that will help you understand your online gallery and all that it can do here:


You will be able to download your edited images directly from your online gallery, and they will be high resolution! This process is simple! 

All you have to do is click the “downward arrow icon,” and you will be prompted to enter your name and email. Once you enter your name and email, you will be asked if you want to download just that one photo or if you would like to download all photos! 

Your photos will download directly to your “Downloads” folder.  

If you opt to download the entire gallery, you will be notified via email when your entire download is ready. 

 It takes a few minutes to prepare for hundreds of images to be downloaded. But this is the quickest and easiest way to get digital access to your files all at once!


You can order professional and affordable prints from within your online gallery and have them shipped directly to your house!  Prints are printed in a professional lab to ensure color and contrast accuracy. 

You are also more than welcome to print images on your own. However, we would warn you to avoid Walmart, Target, and Costco. We cannot promise that your colors will print true-to-life if you choose to print at those stores.  

If you don’t print through your gallery, we recommend using


Newly added to your online gallery is the ability to order Thank You Cards! 

Thank you cards are printed professionally and are provided with envelopes. 

 Don’t see any thank you card designs that you like in your online gallery? We also have promo codes for major wedding stationery retailers:




We have great news! Your gallery has no set expiration date. Isn’t that amazing?!  

But we would still recommend downloading them and saving them in multiple places for safekeeping! 


You have the freedom to share your images in any way that you choose! These are your images, and we want you to love them so much that you can’t help but share them!   

All we ask for is some type of credit whenever you use an image on social media!  We only have ONE rule when it comes to what you can and cannot do with our work. We always encourage our clients not to re-edit their images. Let us do that hard work! 

Final Thoughts: After Your Wedding Day

Hopefully, after all this information, you feel great about when you will see your wedding photos and what to do with them after your big day!

Let us know in the comments where you are planning on sharing your stunning photos! We’d love to check them out!