New Jersey Wedding & Portrait Photography

Okay, we have been waiting for this blog post for a really long time- two of our besties,  Yesenia and Ronny, are getting married! Yup, we are finally going to be wedding guests and there is no better couple to celebrate love with! Since we are not taking their wedding photos (we’re partying ya’ll!) we wanted to take their engagement photos. We had two shoots planned- their Brooklyn Bridge Park engagement pictures and a dream shoot of ours in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel our plans in Puerto Rico so we met recently in Brooklyn.

It means a lot to us to be a part of their wedding journey, helping in any way we can. It was an honor to take their photos but look forward to passing on the baton to their wedding photographer in July 2018 so we can celebrate!! There are countless cherished memories with these two over the years and we are looking forward to being a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. Can’t wait for the big day!