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Tips on What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

We are no fashionistas but having shot many engagement sessions, we’ve learned the do’s and dont’s of what to wear to ensure you look your absolute best for your engagement photos. Choosing your outfit can be one of the most stressful parts of the process so we are here to help!

Reflect your personal style

One of our goals for your engagement photos is to capture the essence of who you are not only as a couple but as individuals. This should also be reflected in the clothing you wear. If you do not usually overdress and wear 4 inch heels or a suit and tie, lean more towards an outfit that your loved ones could easily say is “so you!”. Wearing what you are comfortable in will help the photos come out so much better because you’re relaxed and letting the real you shine!

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable

Similar to our first tip but more so in regards to the fit and comfort you feel in wearing your outfit. While the outfit you chose may look amazing on the shelf, if you feel it does not fit right on your body and you can’t move authentically, it will absolute reflect in your images. Make sure what you wear fits beautifully and gives you a boost of confidence!

*Extra comfort tip: Ladies, if you want to wear heels, also pack a pair of flats to give your feet a rest. We will most likely be doing a lot of walking during your session!

Long Island engagement photos

Sami and Eli are the poster children for comfort and rocking your personal style. A jeans and t-shirt wearing couple, they were not afraid to be themselves for their photos.

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Don’t be matchy-matchy

Stay clear of matching outfits.  If one of you is wearing a pattern, the other should wear solid colors. Too many patterns aren’t easy on the eyes. Same goes for matching colors. If one of you is wearing blue, the other should wear a complementary color such as black or white. 

Dumbo engagement photos

Dynel’s solid purple shirt was the perfect complement to Aja’s floral sun dress. 

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Don’t be afraid of bold colors

We all tend to gravitate towards black clothing. Let’s be honest, its the easiest thing to wear. While black is great, bright colors are AMAZING for photos. They pop in photos and add such vibrancy to your images.

Sandy Hook engagement photos

We could not get over how much Elise’s red dress popped against the greenery of Sandy Hook!

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Casual & Formal

Because we do 2 hour sessions with our couples, this often allows for an outfit change. If you can’t decide between a casual look or a formal look, why not do both! This will help reflect your personalities by showing your casual weekend wear and your party attire.

Liberty State Park engagement photos, Freedom tower, NYC J&R Photography, Jersey City engagement

Lily and Brian dressed down for the first half of their session at Liberty State Park then changed to evening attire for the shots taken in Jersey City.

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Show your team pride

The attire for your session does not have to be super serious. We love when clients take the extra step to show who they are as a sports loving couple. Wear that team jersey and be proud!

Dumbo engagement photos

Javier is a Dolphins fan while Melissa is a Jets fan. They wanted to show their team love with jerseys and t-shirts. 

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Plan based on the location

If your engagement photos are to be taken a park, plan for a more casual look with a sundress or jeans. Cocktail attire is perfect for more city like environments. Colors also play a role here- avoid green at a park. You will blend right in with the grass and trees.

Hartshorne Woods engagement photos

Jaclyn and Andrew chose a more casual look for their park engagement photos.

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Accessorize and colorize for the season

Fall and winter sessions are perfect for accessorizing. Colorful scarves and hats add an extra layer to your look and add more visual interest to your photos.

Clove Lake Engagement Photos

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Also think of the appropriate colors for the season. Neutrals work all year around but avoid pastels in the fall and autumnal colors in the spring/summer.

Natirar Park engagement photos Melissa and Kashif were perfection in their autumnal colors.

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