WWedding Albums

The Purpose

We are living in the digital age where every single image and video in our lives is stored on our phones. Let's face it, it is so much easier to share our memories online via email and social media. As much as we love the accessibility of sharing photos so quickly, nothing beats physically displaying the most important memories of your life.

While we have always been huge fans of albums, we truly realized their importance one afternoon while at Jenn's parent's house. We spent an hour going through their wedding album reliving a day that we were not even around for. Page after page, it was the preserved history of the start of a family. The experience of seeing the wedding told as a story in a book far exceeds the experience of swiping through photos on a phone or tablet.

Because your wedding album is to remain in your family for decades to come, our goal is to make sure they are strong and classic. Our designs are kept simple and clean so the focus remains on the moments.


The Product

Your wedding album is a collection of all the wonderful memories of the day presented in a beautiful book that tells the story for generations. All of our albums are flush mount- which means that your wedding images will be printed directly onto the album pages, they can bleed off of the edge of the page, and they can also go straight across the center seam with no gap in the middle.

Our wedding albums come with 40 pages, and are available in 10x10 and 12x12 sizes. Parent albums are available in an 8x8 size with 20 pages.

Covers options include leather, linen, or acrylic and come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your wedding’s theme.

The Process

We deliver your final wedding images between 6-8 weeks after your wedding. At that time, the wedding album process begins! Choosing images for your album is probably the last thing you are thinking about after the wedding day is over. We take the task on for you to help tell the story of your day by pre-designing your album.

We may design your album with more spreads included in your package (every wedding is different!) and from there you will get to decide to keep or remove the additional spreads. With our cloud proofing site, you will be able to go through the design and make any changes you would like. Once your design is approved, you will get to choose your cover material, text and any additional cover upgrade options. Upgrade options include acrylic, cameo, and custom illustrations.

With your swift response time with changes, you can have your album within just a few short weeks from the wedding!