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Date Box

Your Relationship Matters!

Having been together 13 years and married for 8, having regular date nights is super important to us in order to keep our relationship thriving and interesting. Unfortunately, our date nights were not creative at all and consisted of movie nights at home or a dinner date out on the town. We struggled with coming up with ideas on what to do and last year, Date Box came along! When we first heard about if from Jefferson Bethke, we knew we had to give it a try.

Each month, Date Box sends a fun, creative date night in a box. From the branding, to the packaging, to the actual contents of the box, you can tell the Date Box team gives 100% to their product. Each month we are so excited to see what is included in the box and have yet to be disappointed. It’s allowed us to have a good time, laugh, and get to know each other better. It also includes things we would never think to do on our own. So far we have made home made candles and ice cream, built gingerbread houses and so much more. We could not recommend it enough to couples who are looking to invest quality time into their relationship but have no idea what to do!

We are 6 months into using Date Box and figured we would start doing a monthly recap of our dates. We’ve also had some great date nights in the past (unfortunately, a few are missing) that we will include in this post so let’s get started!

December Date Box

Christmas is our favorite holiday so we were so excited to receive our holiday box. Making gingerbread houses has never been a tradition of ours so it was nice to start something new together. Date Box also ran a contest this month for those who made the most creative house. We kept it simple but we saw some amazing houses that were made. Check out #getdatebox on Instagram for a peek! Also included in the box was yummy hot chocolate and winter themed mugs. We are so looking forward to this year’s holiday box!

Date Box Review

March Date Box

With this Date Box we learned that we are terrible at art and baking. The date night consisted of a painting on a canvas and baking cake pops. We are not good with painting without some guidance so that did not end well. Somewhere along the way we also messed up the cake pops and didn’t eat them. Although we failed this box completely, it was so much fun! We had so many laughs and proudly display our terrible artwork in our living room.

Date Box Review

April Date Box

Completely forgot to photograph this box but it was another hit. Focusing on journeys and creating lasting memories, this box consisted of making candles and roasting s’mores over your candles while watching a movie. We love s’mores so this was definitely one of our favorite boxes.

May Date Box

Life is busy so sometimes we don’t get to our box for a few weeks or even a month. May’s box we actually did just last week. We can’t get over how fun this box was. We made home made ice cream (who knew how easy it was!) and played a game that allowed us to get to know more about each other. The game was really the best part! Also included in the box was a dance class dvd. We gave it a shot but we are terrible dancers and quit too soon.

Date Box ReviewDate Box ReviewDate Box Review

The packaging and branding is so genius. The unpacking process is sometimes just as fun as the date night!

Date Box Review

So many great toppings to go with our home made ice cream!

We already received June’s box and it is adorable. We can’t wait to share with you but with so many weddings and shoots coming up we have to schedule our date nights!

Be sure to visit Date Box and sign up for their monthly box.