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Jenn & Ro

*Wedding photography with J&R starts at $4,100

Our New Office!

When we started photographing 7 years ago and started taking this whole business thing seriously, we always knew that at some point we would want to have a physical office. We kept telling ourselves that meeting clients at Panera or Starbucks was just the thing you do as a small business owner to keep costs down, especially if you are not regularly having meetings. But in our hearts, we knew we wanted some place to call home. Somewhere we were proud to bring clients and not have to worry about finding a quiet table at a public establishment. Finally this year was our chance to get an office space.

Being New Jersey wedding photographers, we wanted to move into a location that was easy to get to for our clients coming from all over the state. Luckily, a new office space opened up near our home on a main street in Woodbridge. We were so happy to be able to have our home realtor Scott Rudd help facilitate the process and get us into our new space- just 10 minutes from home!

Our second floor space immediately reminded us of our old apartment with the beige walls and carpet. We felt right at home but knew we had to make changes ASAP.

New Jersey Wedding photographer, Woodbridge NJ


We are not professional decorators by any means and being that June was a super busy month for us, we wanted to enlist the help of an interior decorator. A quick Google search led us to Sara of Grace and Chaos, who was based out of the town next to us. It’s really hard to put your trust in someone to execute your vision but Sara completely nailed it. We wanted a space that was warm and fully represented us and our brand. She also came up with some other really cute ideas that we fell in love with. Once it all came together, there was no prouder moment for us in this journey of entrepreneurship.