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New Jersey Engagement Photo Locations

When planning for your engagement session, one of the hardest things to decide on is location. Unless a couple has a spot in mind that has special meaning to them and their relationship, picking a location for their one and only engagement session can be difficult.

Since we have shot at many places, we thought we would compile a blog series of locations to help couples visualize what their photos would look like. Let’s start with New Jersey engagement photo locations that we love to work at!

Hoboken, New Jersey

With the waterfront, train station and local parks, Hoboken is a great location for a variety of photos. Starting your session earlier in the evening, you can capture the beautiful golden hour during sunset than capture night shots in front of the New York City skyline.

Check out more Hoboken engagement photos here: Hoboken Engagement Session

Hoboken engagement photos












Liberty State Park

Just a short ride away from Hoboken, Liberty State Park in Jersey City has a similar feel. There is an old train station, the 9/11 memorial and the park on the waterfront. Just like Hoboken, we love to stay until dark to capture those night images.

Check out more photos taken at Liberty State Park here: Liberty State Park Engagement, Liberty State Park engagement photos, Liberty State Park engagement session



New Jersey Botanical Gardens

New Jersey Botanical Gardens/Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ is a great location with endless options of places to shoot. For couples who want a park feel but also have an interest in architecture, this is the spot for them.

NJ Botanical Garden engagement NJ Botanical Garden engagement

Sandy Hook

When we shot at Sandy Hook in Highlands, NJ for the first time it quickly became one of our favorite places to go. Besides being just a beach, there are park areas and old forts that we have used for variety. And if we haven’t stressed it enough…staying for night shots is important. Especially at Sandy Hook when you get an AMAZING sunset.

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Sandy Hook engagement photos Sandy Hook engagement photos

Natirar Park 

Another first for us recently was Natirar Park in Gladstone, NJ. The grounds of the park are stunning. Our favorite spot was a little stream under a bridge that we can’t wait to go back and shoot at. This location is great for a couple who may be a bit more adventurous!

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Asbury Park

Love Asbury Park! With the beach, boardwalk and awesome artwork there are endless possibilities on where to shoot. This location is perfect for a more casual, laid back session.

More Asbury Park photos can be seen here: Asbury Park engagement session

Asbury Park engagement photos Asbury Park engagement photos





Hartshorne Woods

When Jaclyn and Andrew suggested Hartshorne Woods for their engagement session, we were in for a treat! There are so many beautiful trails, the pier and waterfront that made us feel we were in another part of the country. Hartshorne is the perfect location for a beautiful fall session!

More Hartshorne Woods photos can be seen here: Hartshorne Woods engagement photos


Colonial Park

Colonial Park is a park in Somerset County that has beautiful grounds, gardens and old buildings. This park is perfect for couples looking for photos full of greenery and flowers.

More Colonial Park photos can be seen here: Colonial Park engagement photos
Colonial Park engagement photos Colonial Park engagement photos

Ocean Grove, NJ

Ocean Grove is a small beach town in Monmouth County. It is one of the oldest towns in the state and is so quaint and beautiful. You can alternate between taking photos in town and on the beach. This location is perfect for couples who love spending their summers together at the beach.

More Ocean Grove photos can be seen here: Ocean Grove engagement session

Ocean Grove engagement photos Ocean Grove engagement photos

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey has so many locations to shoot but our favorite spots are the Princeton Battlefield and Princeton University. The Battlefield has these grand columns that couples like to use for their photos. The Battlefield is often empty which gives us free reign to take photographs peacefully. The University campus is simply gorgeous! It has beautiful architecture that couples appreciate and love for their photos. For some reason, we have only shot on campus at night (makes for beautiful, elegant photos) but look forward to shooting on the grounds during the day!

More Princeton photos can be seen here: Princeton engagement photos & Princeton engagement session

Princeton engagement photosPrinceton engagement photos, Princeton NJ



Woodbridge Center Mall

The engagement session we did at Woodbridge Center Mall is a perfect example of using a location that has special meaning to a couple. It’s completely out of the box but since this is where the couple met, they knew they wanted to take their photos there. Because it is a mall, we had to get super creative utilizing the stores and it turned out to be so much fun!

More Woodbridge Center mall photos here: Woodbridge Center Mall engagement photos

new-jersey-wedding-photographer-woodbridge-center_0016 new-jersey-wedding-photographer-woodbridge-center_0001


 Allaire State Park

Allaire State Park in Wall, NJ has so many surprises the more time you spend in the park. There is a historical village, old railroad, and rustic barns. We have shot there a couple of times and have had a different look each time. We expect to be back soon and look forward to exploring more of the park and finding new spots for photos.

More Allaire State Park photos here: Allaire State Park engagement & Allaire State Park engagement session

Allaire State Park engagement photos







Other Suggestions

There are so many other cool places that we would like to photograph an engagement session at that include the following:

Grounds for Sculpture

Laurita Winery

Sayen House and Gardens 

Deep Cut Gardens

Frelinghuysen Arboretum