JJenn & Ro

A little about us

JR-Photography-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photographer-1The bio section of a photographer’s page can be so awkward and even more complicated when you are writing about two but here goes! We are husband and wife New Jersey wedding photographers  and we LOVE weddings!

Before we get into our love for weddings, here is a little bit about us. An AOL chatroom brought us together in 2003 when we were seniors in high school. When Ro didn’t immediately ask Jenn for a/s/l, she knew he would be someone cool to chat with. Our first date included seeing Finding Nemo in the theater and dinner at McDonalds- so classy! After a few years of long distance dating, we got married in 2008 at the ages of 22 and 23. We’ve been together through college, a love of drag racing, basement living, good times and bad times and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Shortly after our wedding, we fell in love with photography. We tried to stay away from shooting weddings as long as possible but after an opportunity given to us by a dear friend, we were hooked!

The Why?

Often times we are asked why we do what we do. We love so many things about weddings and we think that comes from having been through the process ourselves. We know how stressful yet amazing the journey is and how it all boils down to that one day you have been waiting for. Every aspect of the wedding day still fills us with joy as we get to relive them over again when we are shooting. From the pure happiness of seeing your best friend for the first look or taking that emotional dance with your mother or father- they all still bring a tear to our eyes (okay mostly Jenns!) We try to not only be your photographers during this journey but a couple who can relate to your experience and lend a helping hand. This helps to provide you with the images of your day that are fun, creative and reflective of your love.

One of our favorite things to do is TRAVEL. See some of our adventures on our own map!